Sorvaajankatu 9 a
00880 Helsinki

BIRO Oy is a 100% Finnish-owned company. The company was founded in 2007 and our domain market is in Finland and the Nordic countries, we have also delivered projects to various countries in the EU region.

We prefer to be contacted by e-mail this gives us the opportunity to respond in more detail and with possible attachments and pictures, also often outside office hours.

+358 45 1882909 BIRO® customer service
We are available by phone on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

We have given up our traditional brick-and-mortar store and invested in our high-quality ONLINE sites, we also like to present new products at trade fairs and exhibitions. At our address on Sorvaajankatu, there is an office and an auxiliary warehouse. Our products are therefore stored in our warehouse in Helsinki, but mainly in warehouses of principals and manufacturers, and during the season in outsourced warehouse service units in Vantaa. Collection from our warehouses only by separate arrangement.

BIRO® Specialized shops is a set of specialized shops managed by BIRO Oy. Since 2007, has been operating as a pilot. Our strength is correct, reliable and modern partners and suppliers from Europe and partners and manufacturers in Finland. All of our sites are reliable specialty stores with unique products supported by a well-built store base. The websites and their business enable wholesale and project sales, service for professionals and information for our reference groups;
- the press, designers, architects and builders.

Our company BIRO Oy belongs to the highest credit category AAA. Only 3.5% of Finnish companies belong to this credit category. This classification tells our customers that we handle our business well, so that our operations have continuity, credibility and that we can offer service and advice in the future.

Our BIRO® Specialized shops in online :
The leading online shop for fountains in Finland:
Importer of interior fireplaces and web shop:
Online store for wine barrels, whiskey barrels and hot tubs:
Hammocks for the family at home, outside or for the children to play with are offered by:
Special swings for playing at home or for example in a children's home are offered by:
Our decoration website takes you to the expert design world of carpets
Lighting for home, restaurant and projects is delivered by
There is soft shop for beanbags and comfort
Rattan shop will take you to the decoration world of authentic and ecological furnitures
Our newest store will take you to the wonderful canvas world of interior design:

B: BUSINESS. Commercial products
I: INNOVATION. Our motto is: "Dare to try"
R: RESHAPING. The detective discovers and develops
A: ONLINE. Our store is ONLINE in time and so are our functions

Our goal is to offer innovative products that are produced with a sustainable and ethically appropriate manufacturing process to our selective customers.